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We’re nothing without our beans! Ground to taste
and available in 250g, 500g and 1kg+ bags,
here’s what we’re currently fresh roasting:

La Sofia Supremo 19+

Our Flagship Single Origin

Flavour Profile:

This coffee has a reputation for being well balanced, with a rich aftertaste and fruity notes. It’s among the finest single origin coffees in the world and is our favourite!


Produced in the Belén de Umbría region in Colombia’s western Andes mountain range, this Supremo grade coffee has been collected from thirty small-scale fincas (farms) located in ideal coffee producing conditions at 1500 meters above sea level and at a steady 20°C year-round. Farmers in the area typically own a 4 to 6 hectare farm, where they predominantly grow the Castillo variety.

More About The Coffee:

Colombian coffee pedigree needs no introduction. Ever since the early 19th century, Colombia has been producing and exporting coffees renowned for their full body, bright acidity and rich flavor. Harvest takes place twice a year, March/April and October/November, ensuring fresh coffee beans are available throughout the whole year.

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Mugs Reserve

Our Flagship Blend

Flavour Profile:

The Mugs Reserve is our restaurant grade coffee with a full bodied intense and creamy flavour. The aroma may exhibit a rustic note and the aftertaste lingers with a slight suggestion of East African wildness.


Grown on the hills of Mt. Kilimanjaro near Tanzania’s border with Kenya, these beans have been cultivated in the ideal cooler, higher elevation growing areas required for Rustica variety beans.

More About The Coffee:

[JG TO INSERT] It is estimated that about 400,000 farming families obtain revenue from coffee, and the crop comprises about 20 percent of Tanzania’s export earnings.

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Our Strict Timetable

Coffee is an organic product, it goes through many changes from a cherry on the tree to wet coffee in your cup.

To ensure consistency we follow a strict timetable roasting on Monday (day 1) and delivering on Friday (day 5):

Day 1. We roast

Always small batch and using our master roasters 35 years of experience.

Days 2 and 3. We store the coffee en batch

After the dramatic change in the bean from small and green to large and brown, the coffee needs a rest as the initial flavour is flat and a bit like toast. The taste develops over the first few days through the Maillard reaction, essentially when food turns golden brown eg: seared steaks and many of the good things in life.

Day 4. We Package

We grind your beans (if requested), package and hand the product over to our courier. Ideally you should be grinding beans yourself if you want to achieve absolute respect in a coffee-off, but we have come to learn that people have other things to do sometimes. As such, we will grind your beans if needed!

Day 5.You drink coffee

You receive your coffee in your selected delivery hour. Being day 5, the coffee is peaking and ready for your cup!

Roast Countdown

Order before zero to be included in this week’s batch

To ensure we only deliver our coffee as fresh as can be, all deliveries are made according to our strict timetable (see the timetable on “Our Coffee” page!). To get your coffee in this weeks batch, order before the roast countdown completes! Otherwise you’ll have to wait until next week’s roast as we only deliver fresh

Once signed up and you’ve chosen your delivery weight and preference, there’s no need to beat the clock! We’ll ensure you get your coffee fresh roasted on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis

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